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FTDI Drivers Download for Windows 11/10/8/7

FTDI Driver

If you are looking for a way to execute the FTDI drivers download and install for Windows 11/10, here is a simple guide with the most amazing solutions to do the same easily. 

Problems with FTDI devices are quite common and can reappear on your device until you do something about it. Future Technology Devices International or FTDI manufactures chips that help your system communicate with USB devices. Hence, when the FTDI driver is missing or outdated, it can cause problems in running the USB port. 

The best solution in such a case is to perform the FTDI drivers update and install it on your device. There are multiple sources or techniques that you can use to install the driver. However, all of these methods are not reliable or even easy to use. Some may even harm your PC with malicious files. 

For your benefit, we have curated a list of the top safe methods to execute the FTDI drivers download and update on Windows 10/11. All the solutions listed in this guide are not only easy but also safe to execute. Hence, you won’t face any problems in installing the driver with these. You can follow any of the solutions as per your preferences and install the driver. 

How to Download and Install the FTDI Driver for Windows 10/11?

In the coming sections of this guide, we will discuss and go through a list of options or solutions to execute the FTDI drivers download. You should go through the entire guide before proceeding with one solution to install the driver. Once you have reviewed the entire guide and its solutions, you can then use any preferred method to install the driver. However, for your convenience, we are suggesting the best method first. 

Method 1: Update the Driver with Win Riser (Recommended)

The best at the first. If you wish to download the FTDI driver for Windows 10/11, you can take the help of Win Riser. This is a free tool that allows you to update not only the FTDI but also any other driver on your device. This includes the graphics device driver, network adapter driver, Bluetooth driver, and many more. 

Apart from the driver updating features, the tool also allows you to enhance the overall performance of the device using a plethora of functionalities like quick fixing of registry entries, removal of accumulated junk, and cleaning of malicious files. The tool is quite useful as it allows you to schedule all these activities according to your preferences and schedules as well. 

The tool offers a plethora of features. You will find them when you download the tool and use it. For now, let’s have a look at the steps that will help you execute the FTDI drivers download and install for Windows 10/11: 

  1. Firstly, use the button below to download the installer setup for Win Riser. 
  1. When the download completes, install the tool on your device. 
  2. Installing the tool will allow it to launch automatically and start scanning your system for errors and faults. Wait for the scan results to appear and when they do appear, click on the Fix Issues Now button to get rid of all the suggested and scanned errors. Also, you can visit each error category and fix the issues individually if required. 
  1. Now all you have to do is restart the device once all the resolutions are executed. 

If you want to use the manual method to download the driver instead of this automatic one, feel free to surf through the rest of the solutions below. 

Method 2: Take the Help of the Device Manager 

Device Manager is your next best bet to execute the FTDI driver install. Device Manager is a tool that comes integrated into the Windows operating system. This tool allows you to take control of the Windows peripherals and connect devices. Follow the instructions below to learn how this tool helps you with the driver updates: 

  1. To run the Device Manager, press the combination of the Windows + X keys and select the respective item from the context menu that appears. 
  1. Wait for a bit for the tool to appear. Now that the tool is on the screen, double-click on the Universal Serial Bus controllers category
  1. Look for the FTDI device from the list, right-click on the same, and choose the option stating Update Driver.
  1. A new system pop-up may appear asking you to specify the mode of installation. Click on the option that allows you to Search automatically for drivers to proceed further. 
  1. Execute the on-screen instructions that follow and restart the system when the process concludes. 

Apart from the manual solution explained above, there is another manual method that you can use instead. Check the same out below. 

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Method 3: Update the FTDI Drivers Using Windows Update

Another viable solution to execute the FTDI drivers Windows 10 download and install is via Windows Update. Little do users know that even Windows Updates can help them get some device driver updates with ease. Follow the steps below to learn how exactly it works: 

  1. Press the combination of the Windows + S keys, type Check for Updates, and click on the first search result. 
  1. Wait for the tool to load, and then click on the Check for Updates button. 
  1. When all the updates are available, click on the Download and Install button. 
  2. Install all the optional, main, and other updates that appear. 

FTDI Drivers Download and Install for Windows: Complete 

So, this concludes the guide on how to download and install the FTDI drivers for Windows 11/10. All the methods provided in this guide are fairly easy to use and will allow you to install the driver and use the device with ease.

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