The new GDPR rules might get Facebook out of Europe

Facebook threatens it might leave Europe due to the GDPR regulations regarding data transfers, imposed by The Irish Data Protection Commission. Thus, the preliminary order asked the company to stop the data transfer about its EU users back to the USA. Concerns about the…

Facebook threats against Aussies, on Google's pattern

A series of Facebook threats against the Australian users and publishers appeared in a recent official blog post. The company says it will ban both users and companies from sharing news if the News Media Bargaining Code will come into force. The reaction comes as the…

An online revolution against Google, Facebook and Apple

Media companies join their forces to start an online revolution against the fees imposed by Google, Facebook and Apple. This could be effective, as it might change the way people will search and see ads, at the same time. Google Australia scares its users, as it gets scared…
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Clear personal data that Facebook collects

Any user can clear personal data that Facebook collects about her/his activity. The Off-Facebook Activity feature is now available to every user. After facing worldwide criticism over privacy and data breach controversies, Facebook last summer announced a privacy tool…
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267 million Facebook users had their data exposed

A leak exposed the data of 267 million Facebook users. According to Comparitech’s representatives, this was the result of a scraping operation carried out by cybercriminals. “One possibility is that the data was stolen from Facebook’s developer API before the…
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Fact-checking program extended on Instagram

Facebook is expanding its fact-checking program on Instagram globally. This is to help combat the rising amount of misinformation. The company started working in May with third-party fact-checkers in the US. If they consider the content as false, Instagram labels it as such.