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Agreement: Facebook Australia comes back with news

Facebook Australia will restore its news sharing for Aussies, after it reached an agreement with the government. This will happen in the “coming days,” according to the company. Amendments bring back Facebook Australia news According to Josh Frydenberg, the…

Google, Facebook and Twitter, about misinformation

The CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter should appear in front of the Congress, in a hearing about misinformation and disinformation. Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey should testify. Google, Facebook and Twitter, remote The hearing should be held on…

Vaccine against COVID, under attack from North Korea

South Korean Intelligence officials warned that a cyber attack from North Korea targeted the technology behind the vaccine against COVID, developed by Pfizer. Nothing about the possibly stolen data According to Yonhap News Agency, the state intelligence agency made…

The Ryuk ransomware operators made $150m in crypto

The researchers assume that the operators of the Ryuk ransomware managed to make more than $150m, in cryptocurrency. The security specialists studied the flaw of Bitcoin to the ransomware operators. The AdvIntel company, together with the Hyas vendor came with a report which…

Home security systems – FBI's warnings about attacks

Home security systems put people at risk, according to a recent F.B.I. announcement. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation mentioned that attackers hack these systems and set them up to place fake emergency calls. The method is called “swatting.” What is swatting and…