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10 Must Have Teenage Apps for Android Devices

Today’s digital kids are absorbed in mobile phones and parents chasing them to get rid of these addictive gadgets. In this evergreen Tom & Jerry situation, what parents and teenagers fail to notice is the existence of teenage apps for Android phones which benefit…

New Apple Update to Avoid Jailbreaking

Apple users were disappointed with the release of iOS 12.4 in July. Along with the necessary bug fixes and feature enhancements, the update opened the gates for jailbreaking into iPhone devices. The security flaw was a big turn off for the iOS users and left their data at…

A Big Blow for Google: YouTube to Pay a Fine of $170M for Collecting Kid’s Data

Who would have thought Google would be fined a hefty amount for target marketing. But if sources are to be believed, YouTube has been collecting kid’s information without parent’s consent.  Federal Trade Commission has fined Google a sum of $170M after finding evidence…

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