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Data watchdog fined Microsoft for breaking the rules

South Korean data watchdog fined Microsoft and five other companies, with a combined total of US$75,000. South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission found that each company had failed to protect administrative accounts. This led to the leak of over 119,000…

Interpol blocked over $80 million for cybercriminals

Interpol managed to intercept $83 million that victims transferred to cybercriminals. The HAECHI-I operation, which targeted online fraud, involved more than 40 officers, in the Asia Pacific region. It is the first operation in a three-year project. Interpol focused on…

The Russian Nobelium group comes back with phishing

The Russian hackers in the Nobelium group, who were behind the SolarWinds attack are back with a phishing attack. They struck again, according to Tom Burt, Microsoft vice president. Nobelium sent phishing emails In his post, Burt mentioned that hackers managed to gain…

Data use: The German authorities investigate Google

User data use determined Germany’s antitrust watchdog open an investigation regarding Google. The authorities want to determine if the company violates country’s competition laws. They want to see if it is exploiting its dominance to prioritise its shopping price…

Google showcase opens for content producers in India

Google showcase is now available in India with 30 publishers. The product is available, at this moment, in English and Hindi, but Google will come with new languages this year. The search giant launched the service last year, as part of the billion-dollar investment for…

Antitrust charges against Google, dismissed for now

A U.S. judge temporarily dismissed antitrust charges against Alphabet’s Google. A group of advertisers accused Google of having a monopoly position on the world’s advertising market. Still, the judge offered them chance to try again after addressing what she…