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Russia fines Google for “fake” information about war

Russia fines Google 11 million roubles, which means over $137,000. The judge mentioned that the fine comes as the platform failed to delete what he called “fake” information about the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the court said that YouTube did not remove video produced by…

Facebook and Instagram were banned by a Russian court

A Russian court banned Facebook and Instagram in the country. Thus, the decision comes after the judges named Meta “extremist,” according to the TASS news agency. Court announced the ban short time ago. The decision comes after Russia banned Facebook, arguing…

Australia takes big steps to get misinformation data

New Australian laws would force tech giants share misinformation data. According to the media regulator, these measures would reduce the spread of false information, online. Misinformation data from uncooperative platforms The Australian Communications and Media…

Data breach fine: Meta should pay 17 million euros

Ireland’s data regulator announced a data breach fine for Facebook parent Meta. The 17 million euro fine comes for 12 data breach notifications from 2018. The reasons for the data breach fine According to Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Meta…

Google: Russian and Belarusian hackers attack Ukraine

Russian and Belarusian hackers attack Ukraine, Google recently announced. According to the search engine giant, well-known hacking groups involved in the attack. Hackers attack Ukraine in phishing campaigns Among the hackers involved in the attacks, Google mentioned…

Meta blocks EU access to online Russian propaganda

The online Russian propaganda media, Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik, is no longer available across the EU, on Meta’s platforms. Thus, the company announced that it blocked the access to the state media outlets. Important hit against the online Russian…