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A Google data centre for cloud services will open soon in Poland

Google will open a new data centre in Poland and will be training 10,000 people only this year. Thus, the new data centre should support cloud services. The company will invest about two billion dollars, according to Magdalena Dziewguc, head of Google Cloud business…

Microsoft blocked Windows 10 update on some devices

After the release last week, Microsoft decided to block the Windows 10 update on some devices. According to the company, the decision came as it admitted that there are some known issues preventing the update from being installed on some machines. The company mentioned that…
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Chrome will block risky downloads

Google announced that Chrome will block risky downloads, soon. This step is set in order to make browsing more secure. Thus, Google considers “mixed content downloads” initiated on HTTPS web pages but which originate from HTTP pages, as unsafe. So, starting Chrome 83…
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Less intrusive ads in videos, from Google

Google announced less intrusive ads in videos both in its Chrome browser and on YouTube. Thus, Chrome will block ads that play in the middle of videos up to 8 minutes long. Also, YouTube won’t show those ads in the first place. The decision comes as Google wants to…
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Oscars change Google search

As there are only five more days until the big night, Oscars change Google search. The company announced six ways Search and the Assistant can help users with this huge event. Emily Fifer, Product Manager Google Search, wrote about each of the changes. A dedicated…
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Coronavirus campaigns bring Emotet

Coronavirus campaigns strike Japan. A rash of malicious emails, botnet-driven, is using coronavirus as a theme. The announcement came from IBM X-Force and Kaspersky. As the disease spreads globally, attackers see it as an opportunity and malware infections become usual. The…