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Facebook in trouble, again. UK fines it record £50m

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) puts Facebook in trouble again, as it fined the company £50.5m ($70m), for its Giphy acquisition. The company is being investigated for breaking rules, and ignoring many warnings from the CMA. Its own actions put…

Major DDoS attack puts down a VoIP company in Canada

VoIP.ms, Canada’s only VoIP provider, is still struggling with a week-long, massive ransom distributed denial of-service (DDoS) attack. Everything began on September 16th. The company, which provides internet telephony services to businesses across the US and Canada…

China asks giants to stop blocking each other's links

Beijing has asked tech companies to stop blocking each other’s links or face consequences. This action is the latest in a long and ongoing crackdown on businesses in China, and the resulting effects have been vast. For example, this applies to technology, education…