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Windows apps are better thanks to Chromium support

Windows apps become better with the help of Chromium Support. In fact, Microsoft announced that the WebView2 technology for Win32 C/C++ applications has become available for all developers. Microsoft released the information and after that Thurrott mentioned that WebView2…

YouTube bans all the fake Covid-19 vaccine videos

YouTube bans videos that claim to present COVID-19 vaccines, according to the Google’s video platform. This is part of the giant’s effort to stop misinformation about the pandemic. So, Google’s video platform mentioned it would remove any videos that…

Remote working: NATO warns about the vulnerabilities

Remote working during the pandemic increases the vulnerability to cyber attacks, according to NATO’s representatives. As Estonia hosts two cyber facilities of the alliance, working from home for these brings new challenges for the employers. So, the alliance set up…

92 Iranian government domains spread propaganda

The US authorities blocked 92 government domains that spread propaganda and fake news, from Iran. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were in control of those domains. According to the The Department of Justice (DoJ), IRGC used these domains in order to…

New custom malware attack from the Russian hackers

Malware is the tool that a new ransomware group – OldGremlin, uses in its ransomware attacks. They target mainly large corporate networks and use self-made backdoors and file-encrypting malware. Malware from Russia, against Russian companies? Strangely, the group that…

The new GDPR rules might get Facebook out of Europe

Facebook threatens it might leave Europe due to the GDPR regulations regarding data transfers, imposed by The Irish Data Protection Commission. Thus, the preliminary order asked the company to stop the data transfer about its EU users back to the USA. Concerns about the…