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Top 7 Free Ad Blocker Extensions for Microsoft Edge to Use

ab blocker extensions for microsoft edge

Ads disrupt your browsing and invade your privacy. Hence, you can block them all using the best Edge advertisement blockers presented in this write-up. 

A smooth and safe browsing is all a user seeks when using a popular browser like Microsoft Edge. However, intrusive advertisements appear as pop ups, banners, or even a part of the content, hampering the user experience and risking their privacy. If, like many others, you are looking for ways to prevent these annoying ads, allow us to introduce you to the best free ad blocker extensions. 

The extensions listed and explained in this article protect your online privacy and elevate your browsing experience by blocking ads that may be spyware or unwanted. Moreover, these ad blockers boast a whitelisting option for the ads you may want to view, extra security features, such as malware removal, and some even offer a VPN. Hence, let us save you precious time and dive right into them. 

Well-Researched List of the Best Ad Blocker Extensions for Edge 

Below are our top selections for the best adblocker Edge extensions. You can use them to block annoying and invasive advertisements on your browser for seamless browsing. 

1. uBlock Origin

Let us introduce you to uBlock Origin, a lightweight and one of the best free Edge adblocker extensions. This open-source extension allows content filtering across platforms without slowing down your computer. In addition to a plethora of filters, this extension disguises your IP address and provides the following features to justify its position on our list. 

Key features of uBlock Origin

  • It blocks trackers and other intrusions 
  • uBlock Origin alerts you of malicious websites 
  • It lets you know how many ads it has blocked 
uBlock Origin

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2. AdBlock

Next, we have AdBlock to help you block intrusive ads easily across Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and other websites. Trusted by over 60 million users, this comprehensive ad-blocking solution disables third-party tracking, protects you from malware and scams, and offers the following features, making it one of the best advertisement blockers for Edge. 

Key features of AdBlock

  • It offers many customization options, such as advanced filters, allowlists, and dark mode to help you personalize your browsing experience
  • AdBlock offers robust customer support
  • This adblocker eliminates bandwidth-hogging ads, leading to a faster and smoother internet experience
  • The premium version offers additional features, such as an option to hide cookie consent banners, swap ads for fun images, a variety of colorful themes to choose from, and more

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3. AdGuard 

Here comes AdGuard, another top-rated ad blocker Edge extension for a safe and ad-free browsing experience. It blocks all ads (including video ads, unwanted pop-ups, text ads, and rich media advertisements) on Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. Moreover, it blocks common third-party tracking systems to protect your privacy, safeguards you from malware and phishing attacks, and justifies its position in this list with the following features. 

Key features of AdGuard 

  • It blocks many adware, spyware, and dialer installers 
  • You can enable social media filters to remove social media widgets with AdGuard 
  • This extension blocks most of the known crypto-jackers, such as CoinHive

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4. Ghostery 

With 100 million+ downloads worldwide, Ghostery is the next best pop-up blocker for Edge. It goes a step further than ad blocking by preventing websites from tracking your data (you have the option to unblock individual trackers). Moreover, this open-source extension boasts many unique features, an insight into the applications tracking you and the way trackers work, and the following key offerings. 

Key features of Ghostery

  • It automatically removes intrusive cookie consent popups
  • Ghostery protects you from cryptojacking
  • Its user interface is attractive and modern

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5. Total Adblock

Here comes Total Adblock to eliminate all trackers and ads, allowing you to enjoy Facebook, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, Yahoo, and your other favorite websites without any ads. In addition to ad-blocking, it prevents website tracking and offers the following features that make it one of the best ad-blocker extensions for Microsoft Edge. 

Key features of Total Adblock

  • There is an acceptable ads option to let you manage your own list of websites
  • You can use the Quiet Mode feature to disable annoying browser push notifications
Total Adblock

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6. Stands AdBlocker 

You can use Stands AdBlocker to browse without ads for free. It blocks all ads, such as pop-ups, banners, auto-playing video ads, and other popular ads, so you stay focused on what matters most. Moreover, this lightweight extension ensures online protection by protecting you from malware and phishing attacks. Furthermore, below are a few other notable features of this best pop-up ads blocker for Edge. 

Key features of Stands AdBlocker 

  • The customizable configuration of this adblocker lets you customize your ad-blocking preferences
  • In addition to ads, Stands blocks trackers and stops companies from following your browsing activities and gathering your private information 
  • You can use this extension to hide all adult and inappropriate content from your children to protect them online
Stands AdBlocker

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7. Privacy Badger 

There is no way we can complete our list of the best adblocker Edge extensions without mentioning Privacy Badger. It automatically learns to block invisible trackers based on their behavior. This extension sends the Global Privacy Control Signal to exclude you from data sharing and selling and the Do Not Track Signal to let companies know not to track you. If trackers do not comply with these requests, it blocks them. In addition to it, here is what else this extension can do. 

Key features of Privacy Badger 

  • It replaces potentially useful trackers with click-to-activate placeholders. 
  • Privacy Badger removes outgoing link click tracking on Google and Facebook
  • It boasts an easy-to-use interface with active support
Privacy Badger

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Concluding the Best Free Ad Blocker Extensions for Edge 

You can choose from the above extensions to block ads and trackers for smooth and secure browsing. However, if you think some other extension should also be on this list, you can give it a shoutout through the comments section. Also, you can drop your questions or doubts (if any) in the comments section. We will see you soon with another helpful article. Until then, happy browsing.

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