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The new GDPR rules might get Facebook out of Europe

Facebook threatens it might leave Europe due to the GDPR regulations regarding data transfers, imposed by The Irish Data Protection Commission. Thus, the preliminary order asked the company to stop the data transfer about its EU users back to the USA. Concerns about the…

The authorities approved a new data center of Google in Finland

The Finnish authorities approved the request for a new data center of Google in Finland. This will happen as an expansion of the company’s existing data centre complex, in Hamina. The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland granted the environmental…

Microsoft: US election became the target for Russian hackers

According to Microsoft, Russian hackers target the upcoming US election. The company mentioned that three groups of hackers from Russia, China and Iran launched cyberattacks. They have been “targeting people and organizations involved in the upcoming presidential…

Attackers transformed cloud monitoring tools into backdoor

The group known as TeamTNT managed to turn cloud monitoring tools into a backdoor. Thus, they performed malicious attacks. TeamTNT usually targets cloud environments, including Docker and Kubernetes. Monitoring tools, used for the first time The cybersecurity company…

Facebook threats against Aussies, on Google's pattern

A series of Facebook threats against the Australian users and publishers appeared in a recent official blog post. The company says it will ban both users and companies from sharing news if the News Media Bargaining Code will come into force. The reaction comes as the…

An online revolution against Google, Facebook and Apple

Media companies join their forces to start an online revolution against the fees imposed by Google, Facebook and Apple. This could be effective, as it might change the way people will search and see ads, at the same time. Google Australia scares its users, as it gets scared…