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Google analytics – is it a real security risk?


Last week, Google was under scrutiny regarding the Analytics script (urchin.js), which, apparently can be controlled by somebody with malicious intent (and with the latest DNS exploits they don’t even need to control the Google server). As a result, the content of those websites where the Google tracking code is installed could be manipulated, reports The Register.

In short, Change.gov and BarackObama.com were both found exposing non-encrypted pages that Obama officials use to make post press releases and carry out other administrative tasks. Both websites lacked IP filtering or, use of secure sockets layer (SSL), while the admin pages were linked to Google Analytics.

The service grants unscrupulous employees at Google — not to mention anyone who manages to penetrate Mountain View’s fortress — access to the administrative pages.

Here we are speaking of high profile institutions, but imagine this happening to millions of regular users no-one really cares about.

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