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Bit Guardian Parental Control App Introduces Google Map Location in Pick Me Alert

Pick Me Alert Notification

Bit Guardian Parental Control users have used the Pick Me Alert avidly. It was time to take the feature one step ahead.

Currently, a child could notify the parent by sending a Pick Me Alert notification from his/her phone. On receiving the notification, the parent could access the location in the message. However, it was not visible on the map immediately. 

After multiple suggestions from parents and internal brainstorming, Bit Guardian Parental Control app finally made amends in the feature’s location. Now, parents will be able to receive Pick Me notification along with the child’s position on Google Maps


The new update brings in the possibility to track the child even at a remote location because of Google Maps

To ensure the smooth running of the feature, the GPS location of the child needs to be switched on and set on high accuracy. Parents need to confirm that kids are keeping their location in “on” mode when they are stepping outside the house.

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