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Adventure Camping – Best Activities for Kids this Summer

Summer Activities for Kids

Time outside the school is the most desired time for a kid.  And, what better option than the SUMMER breaks after a long tiring academic year? 

Unquestionably, Summers are kids’ best friend. The downtime from school during summer breaks is a blessing for children. This season also invites fun activities for kids and more reasons to explore the unknown. 

While kids start having a gala time, parents are on a mission to find constructive activities to take care of the extra hours, awarded to children. 

Most parents emphasize activities for kids at home (considering they are not available to look after their kids), but the war initiates when kids want to venture out. So, how do you bring a truce? 


Camping is one of a kind experiences which both kids and adults can enjoy. Thankfully, there are no age restrictions on camping, but undoubtedly there are millions of activities for kids at school. 

Lush green surroundings and infinite space to run makes the idea of camping all the more captivating. 

Nowadays, most summer camps are well-equipped with all the necessary amenities. So, the option of sending kids to summer camps in the company of close friends is always a risk-free option. 

And camping need not be limited to friends. Families can work out a road trip and go camping with special equipment. Trust us; there is no experience like a heart to heart conversation under the starlit night sky!

So parents, pull up your sleeves and get ready for your kid’s summer camp, but before you decide their camping schedule, here are 5 reasons your kid will love the idea of camping outdoors.

5 Reasons to Send your Kids Camping Next Summer 

  • Builds self-confidence

The idea of camping is overwhelming and scary for a first-timer. However, with time, camping becomes a habit, and kids start emanating positive signs for the next attempt.

Camping not only brings hope for the next summers, but it also brings noticeable changes in kids’ behavior. Children turn into more confident and independent human beings. They quickly take care of small problems and make wise decisions. 

Moreover, a kid is trained in all aspects because they are exposed to physical tasks, creative opportunities, and team-building activities. The beauty of summer camps is that it tells children to unlearn and learn new habits. And this brings a drastic transformation in the kids thought process. 

  • Teaches socializing 

Camping is a bonding ground for children. They meet new faces and new adults, coming from different backgrounds. Realization dawns on kids that, neither two stories are the same nor two individuals.

It may sound terrifying in the beginning, but this is the best opportunity to create friends and grow as a social being.

Camping turns an introvert to extrovert and releases any narrow-minded thoughts. Socializing at an overnight campsite not only feels easy but becomes a habit for children. Hence, camping impacts social skills immensely.

  • Keeps children away from electronic gadgets

Out of the many benefits of sending your kids to summer camp, the most special one is to divert kids’ gadget centric minds to engaging activities of camping. 

Not all activities are capable of drawing a child’s attention from the smartphone. It takes a lot of effort and parental control applications to get rid of gaming & social media addiction

However, the endless activities and natural beauty in a camping spot are capable of doing magic. If your kids are under adult supervision, smartphones and gadgets should be avoided on a camping trip (most camps collect electronic devices on the entrance). 

Just in case, the camping authorities fail to take strict actions against gadgets, parents need to take charge of the situation and install parental control app on the phone to restrict screen time. At least, this action ensures complete isolation from phone activities, with or without the device. 

  • Best Time for Family 

Taking out time for family indoors, can be a challenging task, so why not take the fun outside?

Summer camps are not restricted to friends; even families can make the best out of a camping experience. The best part about family camping is – you are the master of your camp. 

Right from erecting the tents to preparing food, everything is your headache. But these small tasks bring family’s closer and improves relations.

Go, light a campfire, and let the stories begin!

  • Appreciate everything under the sun

Without teaching the essence of mother earth, it is hard to expect words of appreciation from kids. Only when children come close to the environment, they understand the value of a clean and pollution-free environment.

To raise kids with an environment-friendly mindset, it is essential to come in contact with the ecosystem. Only when children experience the splendor of mother nature, they will start praising and appreciating it with all their heart. And a camping trip is all it takes to introduce them to the biodiversity of the earth.

Camping Undoubtedly is the Best Activity For Kids

The gleeful expression on a kid’s face on witnessing a natural phenomenon like snowfall and rainy day, are worth an experience. Even small milestones like cooking a meal, setting the bonfire, sleeping under the stars, and waking up to nature’s call, are memorable moments which stay for a lifetime.

Although children may not like the idea of camping for the first time, a little nudge from parents can change their perception

The transition after visiting a summer camp is both surprising and satisfying. So, do not wait any more, enroll your children for the next summer camp, and utilize their summer holidays most productively.

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