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10 Best DIY Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Fun Activities for Kids

Annoyed with your kid’s online activities? Have your children lost touch with the real-world? Well, if your answer is YES, then you are on the right page. Read on!

What’s Missing in Today’s Kids?

It hurts to say that today’s generation is lost in a sea of gadgets and the internet. Their morning starts with Youtube videos and ends with action games and in between, you can find them posting pictures on Instagram.

There is so much more in life beyond gizmos and gadgets which kids are missing greatly.

One grave problem with techno-savvy children is the lowering rate of creativity. Children have put an end to their innate imagination and creative thinking.

Every new challenge and each idea is germinated through online sources and barely done on their own.

Another critical issue with kids is boredom. Especially, when children are home during the summer and winter holidays, they are clueless about what to do.

Unlike the early days when children used to play and meet often, today’s generation loves to spend time on Netflix. So, boredom is also medicated by technology.

In the scramble of entertaining kids during their holidays and lone times, let’s not make the mistake of conferring them with technology.

Instead, activate their brain by indulging them in fun DIY activities that can be performed at home.

10 Fun Activities for Kids to Kill Boredom

 I.  Origami

Paper folding and unfolding can never get old. Whether it is a teenager or an old-timer, origami is for all.

The ancient art of paper folding has always been enthralling and exhaustive. On the one hand, you are learning new methods to design a bird, animal, or flower and, on the other hand, your brain is processing new mathematical and analytical skills.

Origami is a strict art form involving plenty of intricacies and concentration. But the art form can make your child smarter by spending a good 2-3 hours folding papers.

On a lighter note, origami crafts can end up as an unusual gift or card which displays a personalized touch for the receiver. 

II.  Crafty Book Covers

Before the semester begins, new books can be exciting and annoying at the same time. Excitement grows for the latest content but boring because it is meant for studying.

Kids can always make their books look appealing by using different quirky methods to cover the book.

Add colors and crafty items to decorate the front cover. In fact, kids can make different types of folds to the notebooks and make them catchy and colorful.

III.  Flower Vase

Decorating a vase is an age-old art interest which is highly encouraged in schools and colleges.

All the boring flower pots in the house can be turned into exciting designer pots which gives the surrounding an ornamental look.

Kids can experiment with trinkets and paint colors and venture into the new vase art form of mandala painting.

IV.  Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Children love the idea of earning pocket money and saving money for their ice creams and toys. Instead of buying a new piggy bank, encourage them to build one.

Piggy banks can be created out of waste plastic bottles and utilized for a long time. Be careful with the sharp equipment’s kid’s use for cutting and piercing; otherwise, the activity is exciting.

As far as decorations are concerned using old buttons and paper can complete the piggy bank. 

Reusing plastic for other purposes is also a great initiative to save the environment. And a great way to teach kids ways to preserve the ecosystem. 

V.  Memory Scrapbook

There is nothing like creating a scrapbook out of old photos and polaroid images. Anyhow the fashion of physical copies of pictures has faded away.

It is therefore essential to preserve some memories in the form of scrapbooks.

Scrapbook creation can be the most prominent creative adventure of your life. There is no single way to develop a scrapbook.

It can also be a theme-based scrapbook which associates to a particular interest in the kid’s life.

Scrapbooks turn out to be a special gift for a friend or family member. Its personalized touch can be mesmerizing for the receiver.

VI.  Build a Treehouse

Treehouses are every kid’s dream. A small place for an escape in the same courtyard of the house is an exciting idea for children. 

Although creating a treehouse requires parental supervision and guidance, but consider this as an excellent opportunity to bond with your child.

Offer your kid with all the necessary equipment and junk that can serve as items for furnishing the Treehouse.

Similarly, parents can encourage the creation of playhouse or tents within the house or garden. Children love to have a private adobe where they can invite friends and spend some quality time over a cup of hot chocolate. 

VII.  Indulge in Easy Recipes

Kids love eating baked sweet dishes. Parents should not only make it for them but at the same time encourage kids to participate in creating new items like banana split pops, no-bake birthday cake cheesecake, sandwiches, basic cake pops, and many more similar dishes.

Children should especially showcase their creativity during the decoration and garnishing of the plates.

As far as items that need baking, cutting, or cooking, it is not at all a big deal. Either parent can supervise the entire process or elder siblings.

But let kids start experimenting a little under parents’ supervision to exploit their brain and also get to learn a new skill set.

VIII.  Vegetable Painting 

Every house is host to rotten veggies or extra cut vegetables, which may not come to use ever.

Let your kids play with these vegetables and come out with outstanding vegetable designs.

These paintings are amusingly memorable creative designs that can be treasured by your kids forever. 

IX.  Castle on the Beach

A day at the beach is never complete without the formation of the biggest castle.

A universally known fact about children’s love for getting dirty can be exploited at the beach, by asking them to create castles using their innovative designs.

Shells, leaves, and sticks can add to the beauty of the castle. 

X. Tin Can Bowling

Most households make use of canned food, and often these cans go into the trash. Instead, you can utilize the cans to create exciting games for children.

For instance, tin can bowling can be an exciting way to kill time during vacations and also a new addition to the playdate games with friends.

Are kids ready for DIY activities?

Kids are physically ready for all activities and games; however, they are mentally unaware and underprepared. The sole reason for this ignorance is digital gadgets.

Digital addiction is the root cause that stops children from venturing out in the wild and explore the unexplored.

Its time, parents to seek help from a screen time control application and divert kid’s mind to more exciting activities mentioned above.

Don’t let a kid’s childhood memories remain empty, behind screens, choose the best parental control app, and encourage fun activities for kids at home. Start now!

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