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Google Announces Separate YouTube Site for Kids

Youtube For Kids

Google has come out with the much-awaited news of a separate YouTube site for kids. This news comes as a consequence of an accusation on Google for violating a kid’s privacy policy.

If you are familiar with the popular YouTube Kids’ app, then this site will be a browser version of the application.

The app was in existence since 2015, yet the website version was missing.

This site has rolled out this week and looks relatively similar to the app.

Currently, YouTube kids will not offer the option of signing in and is working on it to roll out the sign-in process as soon as possible.

The interface is more or less similar to YouTube Kids app, and so are the services.

Parents will be able to flag inappropriate content, watch a child’s history, and choose from the age-group (three different age-groups are available) settings.

The attempt of creating a safer environment for kid’s entertainment and learning is highly appreciated by parents globally.

Not to mention, the flexibility of the app allowing parents to personalize a child’s experience will help in diverting suitable content towards kids.

While YouTube is coming live, Google is settling a clearance with the federal trade commission over the charges made on them in association with the violation of privacy policy.

The accusations were made on the illegal monetizing of children’s videos and the viewing data.

The agencies also explored a different way to handle the issue by forcing YouTube to flag what videos are suitable for kids and remove all ads from them.

Apparently, Google has made an effort to remove a massive number of unsuitable videos from the site and has requested viewers to highlight any video they may have missed out in the manual process.

To put a cherry on the cake, Google may completely eradicate target marketing to kids on YouTube.

Which will ensure kids are protected from all sorts of illicit and explicit content.

The only question still lurking on Google is will they be removing Kids content from the main YouTube website, given the fact that maximum children are used to watching the main site.

Let’s hope kid’s safety is given higher priority with the new YouTube Kid’s website!

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