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7 Easy Tips to Raise Independent Kids In Today’s Era

Independent Kids

A child’s independence is the primary goal of every parent. Raising self-reliant and autonomous kids is part and parcel of parenting as much as nurturing and protecting the child are. 

It is a frequent observation, that several parents pamper and raise overly dependent children, making it difficult for the young ones to step out of the protective cocoon.  And, the major blow is faced when kids turn into adults and face unanticipated challenges. 

A capable and independent child is not only advantageous for the kid but is a huge relief for parents swamped with countless work and household chores. 

Why Do Parents Need to Raise Self-Sufficient Kids?

Inevitably, all the household responsibilities solely fall on the parent’s shoulder. And, with the fast pace of corporate jobs- balancing work and personal life (also kids) can be tricky.

To ease their burden, parents are always looking for a helping hand in their occupied work schedule and who better than the kids themselves. 

Independent teenagers are capable of taking care of themselves and their younger siblings. They ease out parent’s constant juggle between work and family and are competent enough to fend for themselves in the absence of adults. 

Bringing up less dependent kids lessens the burden on parents and increases confidence in children.

So, experts advise parents to shift to more independent parenting, which encourages autonomous attitude under the watchful eyes of parents. 

Hey Parents, it’s time to imbibe self-confidence of dealing with problems and situations independently by using these 7 basic tricks on kids.

7 Ways of Teaching Your Child to Be Independent 

  •   Start early, start when a toddler

Going a few years back, kids had lesser problems to tackle. Now, with growing technology and rising competition in all fields, kids cannot lag in any scenario. 

It is beyond any doubt that a capable and independent child handles demanding tasks better and achieves appropriate goals in life. To make success a reality in kids, start to nurture them early.

Begin with simple tasks like choosing the color of school bag, storybooks, breakfast, etc. and gradually with age, you may find them taking more significant decisions. 

No rule book mentions a child’s independence age. Parents must start the lessons as soon as they can and at the earliest age possible.

  •  Allow participation in decision-making

How often do parents ask the kid’s opinions before buying fruits? Or choose the color of the curtains? Rarely, right? 

According to several experts, children should have a say in everyday tasks and offer an opinion on household choices.

Allow children to offer their opinion and feedback on different issues. Parents can start involving their decisions through trivial matters like;

  1. Color of the new car,

  2. Breakfast menu,

  3. Friend’s birthday gift,

  4. Grocery items,

  5. Clothes and many similar things.

Parents should stop imposing their opinion in every matter and allow children to have a say.

It is not necessary to have the kid’s last word on all decisions but ensuring their suggestions work to a large extent.

  • Shared Responsibilities with children

There is no denying, today’s job spectrum is killing parents and leaving little time to take care of household matters. In the wake of this situation, it is correct to assume that kid’s participation is a blessing for parents and a new activity in a kid’s life.

No one is asking children to take the burden of banking or plumbing. Simple tasks like laundry, serving dinner, and cleaning utensil fall under simple duties which children can easily undertake. 

Keeping kids away from these responsibilities now, will not only make them reluctant but also make it difficult for them to take up new tasks in the future. Just like little drops of water make a mighty ocean, starting with a few simple tasks can bring up accountable children.

  •   Encourage summer jobs and start pocket money

It is a well-known theory that kids like to imitate adults they meet every day. And using real money to purchase a few candies and toys can be more fascinating than we know. Rather than letting them off with one-time cash, switch to monthly pocket money. 

Even summer jobs and part-time jobs are an excellent means to earn good money. And once kids start handling real money, they seek advice on savings and how to purchase their dream bicycle?.

Parents should willingly interfere and treat them with necessary information on savings and meeting future goals.

  •   Don’t solve their problems

Problem-solving is another essential part of growing up as decision-making is.

However, many parents, accustomed to solving problems for their children, never leave a chance for kids to find resolutions. It is time to be an attentive parent but let them find solutions to several matters. 

Just like the math problems need time and patience to find the answer, the same way adults need to master the two skills to encourage problem-solving attitude.

Parents can definitely barge in when required, but only when you have awarded them enough attempts to think.

  •   Allow room for making mistakes 

Growing up is directly proportional to making mistakes. And for an independent-natured child, a bunch of errors is compulsory.

Mistakes have two distinguished effects on children:

  1.     Learning from the mistakes 
  2.     Staying grounded at all times

Mistakes teach an individual more than their success does. It is essential to note that kids should get enough opportunities to commit supervised errors and learn from them.

They will not only avoid making the same blunder twice but stay humble in life by accepting imperfections in them and others. 

  •   Boost their efforts by appreciating a good job

Praising a good job is far more critical than praising the person. Every effort recognized by parents is an added certificate for the kid.

If your kid observes his/her effort is appreciated, they will automatically take more chances and try once again without hesitation!

Are parents ready to let their children off the leash?

There is a fine line between independent children and obedient children. Either parents or kids misunderstand it, and things fall out of control.

To avoid such situations, parents usually ignore to emphasize on self-reliant habits. They make their best efforts to raise submissive children, listening to parent’s advice. 

It is important to note that in the process of producing obedient kids, your child does not receive the appropriate exposure to challenges lurking in the world.

If you want to keep an eye on them, tools like parental control apps are readily available in the market, but individuality is not an attitude your kids will gain on their own. 

Give kids the chance to explore the world and make mistakes under parent’s supervision. 

Child’s independence not only benefits adults but most importantly prepares children to face external challenges in the absence of parents.

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