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Halo Infinite Crashing on Windows PC: Fixed


If you are also facing the Halo Infinite crashing error on your Windows PC, then here are some of the most effective solutions to help you get rid of this error with ease. 

Halo is one of the best gaming series of all time. Right from the inception of this series in 2001, Halo games made their way to the hearts of thousands of gamers internationally. 

Halo Infinite is one such first-person shooting game in this series. Like any other game from this series, Halo Infinite is one of the most loved games that’s still going strong. 

The Halo Infinite game is fairly easy to set up and play. However, some gamers have reported that the Halo Infinite is crashing randomly during the gameplay and/or at startup. This is a fairly common problem and won’t disappear on its own. You need to take some steps to fix this error. 

This guide is dedicated to helping you with this error. Here, you will find various solutions that allow you to get rid of the Halo Infinite crashes on PC and run the game smoothly. So, let’s get started. 

How to Fix the Halo Infinite Crash on Windows PC

In the coming sections of this guide, we will go through some solutions to fix the Halo Infinite crashing error. All you need to do is follow and execute the solutions chronologically and exactly as described. Once the error resolves, you can stop undergoing the fixes and enjoy smooth gameplay. So, let’s get to work now. 

Fix 1: Close the Clashing Apps and Programs

One of the most common reasons why Halo Infinite keeps crashing on PC is because of some clashing apps and programs. 

When too many programs are running in the background, your system may fail to provide the required resources to the game thus causing the crashes. In such a case, the most optimal and viable solution to Halo Infinite PC crashing on startup or otherwise is to turn off or close such an app or program. 

You can use the Task Manager for this. Follow the steps provided below to know what to do: 

  1. Firstly, press the combination of the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to launch the Task Manager
  2. Within the manager, look for the presently active apps or programs, click on individual apps, and click on the End Task button to close the app.
Task Manager - End Task the Presently Active Apps
  1. Repeat the same process for all the running apps and then run Halo Infinite. 

Now that the conflicting apps are closed, you will not face the Halo Infinite crash on PC error. However, if the problem persists due to any other reason, follow the next solution(s). 

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Fix 2: Verify the Game File Integrity of Halo Infinite 

Another common reason behind the Halo Infinite crashing PC error is faulty, missing, or corrupted game files. To run any game or program, your system needs access to all the required files. If even a single file is missing or damaged, such crashing problems can appear. Thankfully, Steam offers the option to check the integrity of your game files. This feature allows Steam to reinstall or add the required game files on the system if missing/damaged. Follow the steps below to know what to do: 

  1. Firstly, run Steam and open the game Library on your device. 
run Steam and open the game Library
  1. From the library, look for the Halo Infinite game, right-click on the same, and open the game’s Properties
Open the Game Properties
  1. Open the Local Files tab of the game, and click on the options stating Verify integrity of game files.  
Verify integrity of game files

Steam will take some time to check the files present on your system and replace or add the required ones. Once the process is complete, the Steam Client will inform the same and you can play the game again. If Halo Infinite crashes on PC again, then follow the solution provided below. 

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Fix 3: Turn Off In-Game Overlays 

In-Game Overlays is a feature offered by Steam that allows a feasible tracking of your game purchases and achievements. Although this feature is quite beneficial, it may also lead to the error of Halo Infinite crashing on Windows 11/10. Turning off this feature can help you fix the error and enjoy a smooth gameplay experience. Follow the steps below to do the same: 

  1. Run the Steam Client and access its game Library
run Steam and open the game Library
  1. From the library, look for the Halo Infinite game, right-click on it, and select Properties
Open the Game Properties
  1. Within the General tab, you will find the option stating Enable the Steam Overlay while In-Game. Unmark this feature and run the game afterward. 
Enable the Steam Overlay while In-Game. Unmark this feature

This solution will help you fix the Halo Infinite crash PC error. If the error persists due to some other reason, undo the previous changes, and follow the next solution. 

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Fix 4: Update the Graphics and Other Drivers on the System 

The ultimate solution to fix the Halo Infinite crashing error is to update the graphics and other drivers on your device. Drivers help your system in communicating with the respective device(s) thus ensuring a smooth and optimal performance of the system. Hence, if the driver is outdated or corrupted, such crashing errors may appear. 

To update the drivers on your Windows PC, you can take the help of the Win Riser tool. This is a free-to-download software that allows you to update drivers, fix registries, clean junk files, and delete malware. All these acts help in optimizing the performance of your system to the best levels. The huge database of this software helps you update all kinds of outdated drivers on your system. 

So, let’s fix the Halo Infinite PC crashing on startup error by updating the drivers. Follow the steps provided below: 

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the Win Riser tool from the button provided below. 
  1. Once the tool’s setup downloads, run it to install the software on your system. 
  2. After the installation concludes successfully, the tool will automatically start scanning your system deeply for outdated drivers, malware, and other issues. Once the scanning completes, a list of issues will appear. Click on the Fix Issues Now button to resolve the same in a single click.
WinRiser - Fix Issues Now to Get Updated Drivers
  1. When the entire process is complete, restart the system when informed. 

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Halo Infinite Keeps Crashing on PC: The Conclusion 

So, now it’s time to conclude this guide on how to fix the Halo Infinite crashing error on Windows 11/10. We are confident that after undergoing the aforementioned solutions, you must have fixed the crashing error. Be advised to follow the steps closely to avoid any errors. 

Now, enjoy playing Halo Infinite without crashes and kill them all

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