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Are Teens’ Devices In Need of Anti-Virus Apps?

Anti-virus app on child device

Parents are worried about kids and obsessed with parental control restrictions on kids’ phones. Most parents are under the impression that their kids’ device is only safe when there are parental restrictions. On the contrary, a device is more reliable when anti-virus practices are implemented alongside the kid safety app.

While screen time control is essential,  today let’s focus on how parents can ensure kid’s phone does not get infected by a virus.

What Is A Computer Virus?

A virus is a malware that interrupts the normal functioning of a device by replicating itself and injecting its code. The malware becomes an active content in the computer system in the form of scripts, executable files, etc.

Malware is prevalent in different forms and categories like Trojan, Computer virus, spyware, ransomware, and adware, among others.

Hackers intend to add malicious code in the target’s machine, which acts against the computer user.

Why Do Virus Attackers Target kids?

Devices are under attack by hackers to confiscate private data from the victim. The malware is primarily designed to slide away confidential information to blackmail the victim for money or solely for sadistic pleasure.

Several hackers use kid’s devices to wash off their hands from dirty activities like stealing data from a large organization. When authorities track the offenders, the IP is traced to a kid’s device.

Teens or young children are soft targets for hackers. More often, their systems are void of any safety measures like Anti-Virus to scan and filter the harmful data.

Most online criminals take advantage of this fact and regularly search for child victims.

Another dangerous idea behind adding a virus to teens’ device is to get hold of the private data like photographs and videos. Believe it or not, these media elements play an essential role in asking for ransom in exchange for individual photos and videos.

 How Does an Anti-Virus Software Help?

Let’s scrutinize how an Anti-Virus app benefits kids’ smartphones, given the time children spend on phones.

Anti-Virus apps use a tool to scan through all the data, incoming data, incoming apps, and existing apps for the virus. The tool is successful in eliminating risky files from the system.

Besides performing Anti-Virus tricks, these tools offer security checks like blocking unknown callers and cleaning up the device off temporary files.

A major reason behind installing a reliable Anti-Virus app in your teen’s phone is to help them in understanding which files and apps are corrupted. The indicators and warnings are very useful in helping kids in differentiating right from wrong.

There are several other premium services conferred by the software, but users need to pay a minimum or hefty sum depending on the app.

Is an Anti-Virus enough for kid’s data protection?

According to us, Anti-virus is the first layer of protection for the kid’s device. Their devices are safe and contain a filter to distinguish the infected files. However, there needs to be a tool that can help children and parents at a time when the data is already lost.

Anti-Theft apps are the answer to your teen’s stolen and misplaced device. Data is the primary entity of the phone, and a device is stolen with the same intention.

Once your teen’s private and confidential data goes into the wrong hands, such a situation is not only risky for your child, but it may have unavoidable repercussions for the future.

Online offenders often use data for unknown or illegal activities. In some cases, the photos are used to impersonate kids and use their accounts on social media.

Again, the Anti-theft app does not prevent the stealing of phones or misplacing it. But it helps in protecting the device and data in several ways. Let’s explore a few capabilities offered by Bit Guardian Parental Control:

  • Ringer -Just like the phone ringer, the Anti-Theft application helps in locating and drawing the attention of the misplaced device by setting off the ringer. The good news is that it is capable of ringing even when the phone is in silent mode.
  • Device location – Using the application’s GPS enabled device finder, parents locate the teen’s phone and track the device using the provided location.
  • Factory Reset – Data can be protected only by setting a remote factory reset and destroying every piece of information from the phone. Although, data cannot be retrieved again but at least this process ensures that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Should Teens Use the Apps Together or Either of the Apps Can Help?

Anti-Virus and Anti-Theft apps are not exclusive to each other; they go hand in hand. Parents must confirm the presence of both apps on their kid’s phones.

One app will keep the phone safe from the virus while the other will ensure data loss does not fall in the wrong hands.

One way to get the best results from the apps is implementation at an early age where Anti-virus will secure the phone from day zero, and Anti-Theft will act as the insurance certificate.

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